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Crystals for Manifesting Love, Money, Success, and Abundance

Let’s manifest someone or something using the power of crystals!

The key to manifestation is to become energetically aligned with that which you desire.

Crystals shine in their ability to assist you in shifting into alignment with your desired reality much faster than you could on your own.

“Whether you want to manifest love, money, success, a sp, or a boyfriend, pick one of the three crystals below that you are drawn to gain a helping hand on your journey.”

Here are the three best crystals for manifesting.

Crystals for Manifesting Love, Money, and Success

The best crystals for manifesting are the ones you use on a daily basis.

To keep this list simple and straight to the point we have included 3 of our favorite crystals for manifesting.

There are over 15 crystals you can use for manifestation but creating stress and anxiety surrounding this decision isn’t our agenda.

Here are our recommendations for manifesting with crystals.

1. Apatite

This is the crystal for manifesting your desires into reality.

This crystal is often chosen by those looking to manifest someone or also something.

Apatite is helpful when you need willpower 

This crystal helps you break free from the vibrational patterns holding you back from becoming in alignment with your desires.

Freeing your mind vibrationally allows you to easily attract more of what you wish into your life.

This crystal helps raise your energetic vibration and assists energetically in building self-confidence.

Apatite crystal

If you state affirmations aloud, this is the perfect crystal to be in your possession for its amplifying effects.

The better you care for your Apatite, the better it cares for you.

***Note: Apatite is a fragile crystal and must be cared for properly in order to avoid damaging it.

Mohs Scale rating of a 5.

This is measured on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being a fragile stone and 10 being the hardest, such as a diamond.

2. Citrine

Citrine is the crystal to choose for manifesting abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

This crystal helps to manifest by raising your self-esteem and self-confidence.

citrine crystal
Citrine crystal

Manifestation happens more easily when using citrine crystals as it shifts your perspective and mindset surrounding manifestation.

When citrine shifts the way you see things, the things you see begin to change.

“You begin to see yourself as the type of person who lives in abundance and manifests with power yet never force.”

Citrine releases negative traits, fears, and doubts that hold most people back from manifesting their desires.

Use citrine to energize and recharge your batteries when your desires have yet to appear in your 3D reality.

Keep in mind, citrine will fade in sunlight and doesn’t need to be cleansed.

3. Okenite

This crystal supports manifesting your desires by tapping into higher levels of consciousness.

Okenite is the stone to remove patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions from your old self allowing you to become your desired self.

Okenite is unique with it’s furry texture found within this crystal

Use this crystal if you’re looking to remove guilt or forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Remaining emotionally attached to the mistakes of our past is where okenite can provide assistance.

It breaks your emotional ties to the past allowing you to freely move forward into your desired future.

Think of the word “flow” when thinking of okenite.

If you’re looking to make anything “flow” this would be the crystal to use.

Next Steps

Manifesting requires faith in the unseen paired with an energetic shift towards becoming the type of person who has that which you desire.

If you need help manifesting or using these crystals then hop into one of our programs to help kickstart your crystal journey!