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3 Crystals for Patience, Calm, Bliss, and Peaceful Soul Serenity

This article will share with you which crystals are best for becoming more patient and how to use them.

These crystals work when you trust in their abilities and shift your focus into the present moment.

If you struggle to stay in the present moment, these crystals will guide you on how to master this art and skill that will bring tremendous joy into your life.


This stone carries with it a tremendous amount of spiritual energy.

Danburite is a powerful stone for entering a higher state of consciousness.

Danburite crystal for patience

This is the perfect crystal to use when meditating or while looking for spiritual guidance.

If you’re looking to enter into an emotional state of peace, patience, and serenity, danburite is your go-to crystal.

“Having this crystal present during a tarot card or oracle deck reading is a great way to use this crystal.”

The guidance you’ll receive will be internal.

Enter into a meditative state of peace and serenity to maximize its powerful effects prior to tapping into its guidance.

Your intuition will catch fire!

Chakras Activated

The third eye and crown chakras are activated with the use of danburite crystal.


This is one of the most calming stones for you to possess.

Howlite is the one crystal you’ll want to place under your pillow if you’re looking to catch up on some sleep.

Howlite crystal

It’s recommended to enter into an emotional state of gratitude prior to placing this crystal under your pillow to optimize its calming properties.

Use Howlite in tandem with cord-cutting ritual ceremonies to cut your emotional ties to past traumas or events in your life that you struggle to let go of.

If you’re not manifesting someone or something yet and are beginning to feel a sense of urgency or self-doubt is quickly entering your mind, turn to howlite for assistance.

Chasing love or forcing it isn’t the best strategy to find Mr. Right.

Let howlite crystals show you how to have love chase you!

Chakras Activated

Howlite activates the third eye and crown chakras.

Green Tourmaline

This healing crystal removes the stress of anticipation and desire and replaces it with comfort, patience, and trust in the universe.

The use of this crystal invites feelings of tenderness and self-compassion.

Green Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for creating faith in the unseen.

This crystal replaces feelings of lack and separation with feelings of wholeness and oneness.

Use green tourmaline to create a vibrational shift in order to move in better alignment with your desires.

Variety of colors with tourmaline

This crystal has the ability to move you from one vibrational state to another easier than if you had done it all on your own.

It’s common to hear effective use of green tourmaline with those who tend to overthink and procrastinate.

Chakras Activated

Green tourmaline opens up the heart chakra.

How to Use Healing Crystals for Patience

Crystals for patience can be used most effectively in one of these three ways:

  1. For patience during meditation practice.
  2. Under a pillow to get a deeper sleep.
  3. To decrease the stress of the unseen.

1. Meditation

If you’re laying on your back during meditation then place these crystals either just above your eyebrow or above your head (crown chakra).

These crystals can also be held in your hand during a guided meditation or upright meditation.

You’ll find yourself not “forcing” your meditation practice enough and will instead allow thoughts to flow through you as opposed to resisting them.

2. Sleep

What holds many of us back from enjoying a restful sleep is by allowing our focus to drift off to our to-do list for the following day.

These crystals for patience invite you to patiently await tomorrow and enjoy celebrating the joy found within your today.

When you’re ready to sleep, sleep.

When it’s time to work, is when you should work.

Don’t think about work when it’s time to sleep.

3. Stress

We often stress about our future when all we ever have is the present moment.

The crystals recommended for patience invite you to bring yourself back to the present moment when your focus wanders off into the future.

Next Steps

The key to becoming more patient lies within you.

Allow these crystals for patience to assist you on your journey to peace, patience, serenity, and bliss.

If you’re a beginner just getting started with crystals, consider taking one of the following next steps:

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